…to a Scottish getaway and immersive theatre experience at the


August 8-20, 2023


The 2022 program has successfully ended: check out “Summer 2022” for a detailed recap. 

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This year was the 75th anniversary of the Edinburgh fringe, which is still the largest and most influential theatre festival in the world. Despite two years of Covid scale-down, 2022 live performance was back in full force with over 3,300 shows in 200+ venues across the city.

The festival showcases cutting edge, international, contemporary work in a variety of genres–including comedy, physical theatre, music, and dance. There is literally something for everyone!  Alternative theatre performances run simultaneously with The Edinburgh International Arts Festival, the International Book Festival, and International Art Exhibitions.

Edinburgh is itself a tourist paradise. The Royal Mile, lined with shops and pubs, connects the Palace of Holyrood on one end to the city’s centerpiece: a medieval castle perched high on a cliff of ancient volcanic rock.  Overlooking the city is a spectacular crag known as Arthur’s Seat—a great place for a morning hike.  The National Scottish Library, National History Museum, National Art Gallery, the new Scottish Parliament, and the Royal Botanic Gardens are all free and worth a visit.

These short videos may give you a sense of what the festival is all about…