Video Gallery

Video clips of selected 2019 shows…(for 2022 clips, see “Summer 2022”)

Perhaps the most unique thing we saw this year was “Arthur,” named after the 5 month old who accompanied his father, the playwright, into our living room for a private performance.  It won a coveted Scotsman Fringe First Award after the first week!!

Reyes recommended this Basque dance group “Fresh Cool” that had a show on the Royal Mile.  If you look closely, you will see her in the crowd!


Read Toby’s blog post about Bryony’s 2019 show “I’m a Phoenix, Bitch!” and watch highlights below.


A stunning show at Summerhall, FrontX is a group of people who have been street performers their entire life…definitely inspiring.


Jenny wrote about this show on the blog–here meet the cast and get a taste of what Mouthpiece is all about. She found it  among the strongest shows we saw this year.

The Desk was an eerie physical theatre piece about the power of cults, flawlessly executed.

The Sensemaker, a French solo dance performance, was among the group’s favorites: you can get a small taste of it from this excerpt from the middle of her show…notice that the movements and hand gestures are identical despite different words and intonations.


Jenny was perhaps the only one in our group to truly like the Ridiculousmus play, Die, Die, Old People Die. And yet, it sparked more discussion than perhaps any other play this year!


Most amazing was our opportunity to “hang out” with Tim Crouch after his International Festival performance: here he talks about his play….